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Where we proudly present the successful culmination of the Kemet Head project. As a renowned construction company, we take immense pride in our ability to deliver extraordinary outcomes that seamlessly transform spaces into functional havens of captivating aesthetics. Our unyielding commitment to precision craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail underscores every project we undertake, epitomizing our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Project description:

Embark on a journey to explore our latest triumph—the finishing of Kemet headquarters—an iconic office edifice that embodies the essence of the company's brand and values. Our primary objective was to curate a sophisticated and inspirational workspace, seamlessly harmonizing with Kemet's corporate identity, while concurrently fostering an environment of utmost comfort for both employees and visitors.

Scope of work:

The scope of the Kemet Head project entailed a diverse array of meticulous finishing works, including:

1. Wooden Doors:

Immerse yourself in the symphony of elegance as our adept craftsmen meticulously conceptualize, fabricate, and install exquisite, high-quality wooden doors throughout the headquarters. These doors not only elevate the interior's visual allure but also confer privacy and security to distinct spaces within the office.

2. Painting:

Journey through a meticulously curated color palette, meticulously chosen to harmoniously meld with Kemet's brand image. Our seasoned team of painters, possessing an innate eye for detail, orchestrated a symphony of high-quality paints, imbuing the walls with an ambiance that resonates professionalism and aesthetic grandeur, aptly reflecting the company's identity.

3. Electrical Works:

Embark on a seamless odyssey, meticulously crafted by our certified electricians to engender a realm of safety and operational efficiency within the headquarters' electrical infrastructure. Cutting-edge lighting fixtures, power outlets, and advanced data connectivity solutions coalesce to foster an innovative, functionally enhanced workspace.

4. Gypsum Board:

Marvel at the artistry of our virtuoso craftsmen as they adroitly install gypsum boards, seamlessly harmonizing flexibility in interior design with the elevation of aesthetic allure. Strategically positioned partitions, decorative elements, and ceiling designs converge to bestow depth and character upon the office's spatial tapestry

5. Sanitary Wares: 

Delight in the epitome of hygienic opulence meticulously realized through the installation of premium sanitary wares, including sinks, faucets, and toilets, adorning restrooms and designated areas within the headquarters. These fixtures, chosen with discerning precision, amalgamate functionality with comfort, nurturing an environment conducive to employee well-being.

Status: Project Completion Achieved

We are delighted to announce the triumphant completion of the Kemet Head project. Our indefatigable team ardently pursued the realization of each project milestone, culminating in extraordinary outcomes delivered within the agreed timeframe. The exquisitely finished headquarters now stands as an unequivocal testament to Kemet's brand identity, bestowing upon its employees a functional sanctuary that marries aesthetics with seamless efficiency.

At Hills Construction, our indomitable dedication to exceeding client expectations and manifesting extraordinary construction projects remains steadfast. Should you harbor dreams of a construction or renovation project, we wholeheartedly invite you to traverse our illustrious portfolio and initiate contact, igniting a conversation that will illuminate the pathway toward actualizing your visionary aspirations.