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Hills Construction and Sorouh Development's Partnership on the Upcoming Entrada Avenue Mall Project

Hills Construction and Sorouh Development's Partnership on the Upcoming Entrada Avenue Mall Project

We are delighted to announce a meaningful step towards the future as Hills Construction officially signs a contract with Sorouh Development For the Building and Construction of the Entrada Avenue Mall project, situated in the heart of the New Capital City.

Project Overview:

  • Project Name: Entrada Avenue Mall
  • Client: Sorouh For Building and Construction
  • Location: New Capital City
  • Scope: Construction of Block 02 & 04 at Entrada Avenue Mall
  • Project Duration: Anticipated to span 12 Months
  • Concrete Quantity: Projected at 15,000 m³
  • Total BUA (Built-Up Area): Envisioned at 33,600 m²

  The Future Unveiled: 

As of the 14th of November 2023, the partnership between Hills Construction and Sorouh Development officially marks the beginning of an exciting journey toward the construction of the Entrada Avenue Mall. While the ink is still fresh on the contract, the vision for this project has already taken root.

Construction Commencement:

Stay tuned as we prepare to break ground and commence construction in the coming months. The Entrada Avenue Mall is not just a structure; it's a future destination taking shape. As we gear up for the upcoming 12 months of construction, our commitment to quality, innovation, and creating spaces of enduring beauty remains unwavering.

  Concrete Commitment, Solid Foundations: 

With an anticipated concrete quantity of 15,000 m³, we are laying the groundwork for a resilient and lasting structure that will become an integral part of the New Capital City.

  Total BUA - A Glimpse of the Vision: 

The Entrada Avenue Mall, with its projected Built-Up Area of 33,600 m², stands as a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. We eagerly anticipate transforming this vision into a reality that contributes to the architectural landscape of the New Capital City.

  A Collaborative Future: 

We express our sincere gratitude to Sorouh For Building and Construction for embarking on this collaborative venture. Together, we look forward to a shared journey of construction excellence and the creation of a legacy that will resonate for years to come.

  Hills Construction - Building Tomorrow, Today.